Abaranger: Killersaurus, Rubagon and the Mystical Warriors (アバレンジャー:キラーザウルスルビーゴンと神秘ウォーリアー - Abarenjā: Kirāzaurusu, Rubīgon to shinpi u~ōriā) is the crossover monster of Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger. This crossover is two monsters and two human. The two human is called Pretty Cure and named Misumi and Yukishiro will team up with Killersaurus and Rubagon. Uggdrail is cameo in the TV.


In the opening, the strange two girls defeating Grand Mother, but the dimension portal is wrap into the tyoko. Meanwhile, at Abaranger house, Killersaurus watching two monster fighting. Rubagon as a human looking for Mai and he found her. Samuel glad to enjoy and all of suddenly, the two girls wraped to Abaranger's house. Islandon is arrival, but he didn't knew about it. Eustace combine red monster, yellow monster and the blue monster to formed the Super Monster. After the opening, Bakurenoh finishing Islandon off with one drill. Unfortunately, Islandon is revived and easily defeats Bakurenoh. The two monster can and finish it with using one blast. Unfortunately, Islandon was revived again and no match for Super Monster. The two girls can transform into Cure then they introducted theirselve. She called Misumi a.k.a Cure Black and called Yukishiro a.k.a Cure White to defeat it. After the Super Monster was defeated, Musumi and Yukishiro glad helping the monsters. Eustuce were stubborn at one of Ugataz and combine into monster named Pinaitana to destroy them. Meanwhile at the Dino House, Killersaurus know the dimension portal wrapping into tokyo.

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