Animal Tamer Org
Animal Tamer Org
Episode: 1268, 1272
Season: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Animal Tamer Org (猛獣使いオルグ Mōjūtsukai Orugu?, 38, 42): A Org who refers to himself as a master beast tamer, recruited by the Duke Orgs at northern Kanto for his abilities, so Yabaiba can avenge his brother's death. Once force-fed Org Seeds, he succeeds in taking control of GaoKing, GaoMuscle Striker, GaoElephant and GaoGiraffe, with GaoHunter Justice immune. Futaro arrived in time to free GaoKing Sword & Shield and GaoMuscle Striker from Animal Tamer Org's control, who uses their attacks to destroy his control whip. The Gaorangers than summon GaoIcarus to finish the Org off.

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