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Season: Tensou Sentai Goseiger

Burajin (ブラジン - Burajin) is the master warrior creature and he disguise as USA Army. He used Core Orb to transformed into like Warstar and Yuumajuu (exculding Matrintis only one episode).


He appears disguise as US Army and first appears in Engine Sentai Go-onger. He used Recover Orb to heal Samuel's powers. He fight the Banki and the Warstar, Yuumajuu and Matrintis. He used Landick Orb to strike them and Samuel using Kyoryu Sword to slash them at once. Burajin flies away and thanks to Samuel.


Burajin disguise as Samuel while banishment and he discover as Ultimate Burajin, but he was a traitor to destroy the universe. Samuel thank to him and flies off. In final shot, Burajin save them and he gladly sure. He decide again to joined Samuel Team.


Burajin is finally appearance as the main character. Burajin shows the Headder fixing and battling evil force of four antagonist. In the one of final episode, he trusted to help with the others. Before the fight, Burajin confrontion that revealed K'nuckles was Gaiark, Gedoushu and Doom War as the trap. He learns K'nuckles as the Ultimate Creation mixtures of three previous incarnation. The right arm of Dinosaur Banki Ruler, the left arm of Dedoushu King, the body and the legs of Cybrog K'nuckles. Eustace used three Burajin's Orb to create new face of Dark Gosei Angel.

The Pirates AttackEdit

Burajin appears was changed the main character. In the pilot/special, Burajin used his Seaick Orb to create copy version of himself as Burajidon of Genesis. His clone was defeated by Pirategers with using Ranger Summon to summoning GaoRed, DekaBlue, GekiChopper, and ShinkenGold. But he grew inlarged. His clone was eventually finally destroyed by Gokai Kaizoku after Holland's mecha is destroyed by Gokai Lion with using Tornado Red and Blue (destroy the arm parts) and team attack Go-On Red, Gold, Silver, Gosei Yellow and Knight. In episode 51, Burajin and Hayate worked the Monster Buster after he stole her Secret Phone. Cid ask Burajin the Pirategers need help and three previously mechas to merged into Buradisaurer the Ultimate Lifeform Dragon.

Burajin's Disguise/ClonesEdit

List of Disguise

  • USA Army
  • Warstar
  • Yuumajin
  • Mantrintis
  • Gedoushu

​List of Clones

  • Burajidon of Shinken
  • Burajidon of Genesis (destroyed by Gokai Kaizoku, but used again by Burajin when Yogoshimacritien revived villains)
  • Burajidon of Moon
  • Burajidon of Shinken


  • BurajiGosei
  • BurajiSeaick
  • BurajiLandick
  • BurajiSkick
  • BurajiStrike
  • BurajiCross
  • BurajiCourage of Light (special)

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