Camera Org
Camera Org
Episode: 1233
Season: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Camera Org (カメラオルグ Kamera Orugu?, 3): The result of an Org Spirit acquiring a camera, any picture Camera Org took caused the photographed person to turn invisible and die over time, their life force sucked into his film. Gaku attempts to fight the Org on his own, but the Dukes intervenes and helped Camera Org take Gao-Yellow's picture. He is later upgraded by Shuten to take pictures on his own as he hunts after the other Gaorangers until GaoRed gets take the film of the Org, restoring his victims to normal. GaoYellow arrives and shatters the Org's camera lens, making him unable to take pictures as GaoRed uses GaoMane Blaster to weaken the Org before the gang uses the Hyakujuuken to destroy him. TsueTsue revives the Org into a giant, with GaoKing's Animal Heart used at close-range to kill Camera Org.

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