Episode: KR: #24-25, 1650
Season: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Chinomanako Diend From
Diend Form

Chinomanako (チノマナコ?) is an Ayakashi, a malevolent spirit used by the Gedoushu to wreak havoc in the living world in order to flood the banks of the Sanzu River. In the continuity of Shinkenger, all of the Ayakashi are actually the basis of creatures from the mythology of Japan. In the case of Chinomanako, he is the reason that Mokumokuren (目目連?) exists in Japanese myth. However, after stealing the Diendriver from Daiki, Chinomanako transcends his kind and becomes a living distortion that threatens the world. He is destroyed by the teamwork of Decade Complete Form and Shinken Red.

Because of the arrival of Tsukasa and Daiki to his world, Chinomanako obtains the Diendriver (ディエンドライバー, Diendoraibā?), he becomes what is called an "Ayakashi Rakider" (アヤカシラカイダー, Ayakashi Rakaidā?) called Chinomanako Diend Form (チノマナコ・ディエンド変身態, Chinomanako Diendo Henshintai?). As a result, he no longer needs the waters of the Sanzu River to survive within the mortal realm but cannot revive and grow. In addition to KamenRide Cards, Chinomanako uses KaijinRide (カイジンライド, Kaijin Raido?) Cards which give him the ability to summon monsters from other Kamen Rider Series. In addition, Chinomanako can summon the Nanashi Company (ナナシ連中, Nanashi Renjū?) through the gaps in the design of the Diend Barcode armor.