Dora Argus
Dora Argus
Season: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Dora Argus (ドーラアルゴス, Dōra Arugosu?, 12): A mass of eyeballs who uses his heart, a giant eye, to send his victims into the Hallucination World, using their memories against them. He is sent to help Totpat in his revenge scheme on Michi by having her think that her own father is a vampire. The Zyurangers battle Dora Argus, who can could reassemble himself if blown apart as long as his main eye was unharmed. As the others hold off Dora Argus, Tricera Ranger saves Michi before taking out the giant eye. Reasborbing his heart as he enlarges, Argus battles DaiZyuJin and uses the Godhorn to destroy the Dora Monster's main eye.

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