Dora Endos
Dora Endos
Season: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Dora Endos (ドーラエンドス, Dōra Endosu?, 16): A pineapple/octopus monster with the power to cause people to sneeze uncontrollably until they die of it. His own weakness is cold water which he fears. Posing as a clown, he created soccer balls that contained his sneezing powder, using a boy named Isamu to do the dirty work in targeting many of the soccer teams. Witnessing the first, Boi manages to find Isamu and chases after him until Endos infects Boy and attacks him in his true form before knocking into the river. While Boi is saved by Isamu, the other Zyurangers arrive with Grifforzer, Totpat and Bukbak fighting them until Dora Endos sends them off sneezing to personally kill the Zyurangers himself before Bandora enlarges him so he can infect the entire city. However, learning Dora Endos' weakness, Boi has the ZyuMammoth freeze Dora Endos for Tyrannosaurus to finish the Dora Monster off with Tyranno Sonic.

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