Dora Guzzler
Dora Guzzler
Season: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Dora Guzzler (ドーラガズラー, Dōra Gazurā?, 27): A crab-like demon who ingests flowers, expelling them as vampiric leeches. Guzzler proved too powerful for even Gouryuujin to fight. Mei was able to defeat it by repeating the same step her ancestor, Yui, had done at the cost of her life. However, while she lay down with a legendary lily to lure the monster, Mei was armed and managed to use her arrow to mortally wound Guzzler to make it unable to suck anything inside of it. Guzzler attempted to eat Mei, only for the Pterandon to blast the monster's right arm off and it to be taken down by the Howling Cannon.

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