Dora Knight
Dora Knight
Season: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Dora Knight (ドーラナイト, Dōra Naito?, 15): An expert swordsman who used the Supreme Sword Durandal (最強の剣ヅランダル, Saikyo no Ken Durandaru?) an evil sword which Bandora had a 10-year old boy, Shigeru, make at midnight on a full moon. This made Dora Knight invincible as Durandal corrodes any other weapon it clashes with. Dora Knight battles Goushi after Bandora lures him into a trap. Having BukBak and Totpat broadcast Goushi's fight to the other Zyurangers, they use the TV to travel to Goushi's location and help him. But are outmatched as Bandora enlarges Dora Knight who then overwhelms Daizyujin. But when Shigeru attempts to stop Dora Knight, the monster couldn't harm him as the sword can't harm its creator, Shigeru. Once Shigeru was in Daizyujin, Dora Knight was powerless as Durandal is shattered as he is smashed by Daizyujin.

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