Dora Ladon
Dora Ladon
Season: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Dora Ladon (ドーララドゥーン, Dōra Radūn?, 13): A Dora Monster whose source of power was the golden-apple on his head, using it to power his snake-arrows which cause small youth-draining apple-trees to sprout from children's heads that would eventually consumed them. The Dora Monster's only weakness is the Legendary Arrow, a weapon bestowed by the gods to the Risha Tribe. Knowing that Mei possessed the Legendary Arrow, Bandora had Totpat give her with a poison apple, which put her to sleep when Dora Ladon makes his move. As Mei fights for her life, the other Zyurangers battle Dora Ladon as he opens his large mouth to spit out poisonous snakes which wrap around and weaken the male Zyurangers. Overcoming the poison in time, Mei arrives to her tean's aid and uses her Ptera Arrow to fire the Legendary Arrow to destroy the monster's apple and thus weakened him so he could be destroyed with the Howling Cannon.

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