Dora Sphinx
Dora Sphinx
Season: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Dora Sphinx (ドーラスフィンクス, Dōra Sufinkusu?, 5-6): This Dora monster wields a sceptre and could shoots a laser from the cobra ornament on his headdress, the source of his power and only weakness. Posing as a game show host in a tuxedo and pharaoh's head-dress, he offer children a chance to win a trip around the world in his "Ultra Riddle Contest" if they answer all five riddles. However most of the riddles are unanswerable and those who fail to answer correctly or run out of time infuriate Dora Sphinx to blows them off with his wings, imprisoning them into trees that are subject to be cut down to make way for a golf course. After capturing Boi on Bandora's order, Dora Sphinx later captures Dan when he intentionally answered incorrect to lead the others to the forest. There Dora Sphinx reveals his plan before taking the three Zyurangers to answer his questions. After getting Mei and Goushi, Dora Sphinx meets a worthy opponent in Geki. But after an argument over the answer to his hardest question, Dora Sphinx battles Tyranno Ranger until Bandora enlarges him and Tyrannosaurus gets Geki away to tell him to bring his team together to form DaiZyuJin. Later, Sphinx resumes his attack on Tyranno Ranger with Grifforzar assisting him as Bandora enlarges the two to crush Geki. After finding the Dino Crystals, he frees the others as they arrive to Tyrannoranger's aid as they summon their Guardian Beasts and combine them into Dino-Tanker and turn it into Daizyujin. Though he had the advantage, Dora Sphinx challenges Daizyujin to taking his Ultra Riddle Contest, to keep them from saving the children as the lumberjacks arrive. However, playing on his pride, Geki unintentionally tricks Dora Sphinx into asking an own question with the answer being his weakspot, using that knowledge to use the Godhorn to deliver the fatal blow.

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