Dora Tarantula
Dora Tarantula
Season: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Dora Tarantula (ドーラタランチュラ, Dōra Taranchura?, 25): A Dora Monster held within a replica of a fairy statue, the Fairy of the Forest, made by a late nature lover - Dr. Nakito Tsumura, who left behind his two children, Taisaki and Michu, when he died. Referred to himself as the Legendary Spider. The strange butterflies that surrounded the statue sprinkled a poison called Nemrebo on children. Goushi realized something was wrong and exposed the monster when he realized he was right. Dora Tarantula spewed an acidic foam and thick webbing to shock his enemies. He could also shoot beams from his eyes and mandibles, and exploding stingers from his body. He was unaffected by the ZyuMammoth's freezine technique. Killed by Gouryuujin.

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