Dumbbell Banki
Dumbbell Banki
Episode: 1625
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Dumbbell Banki (ダンベルバンキ Danberu Banki?, 46): A dumbbell (ダンベル danberu?) Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast built to be the strongest, ending his sentences with "bell" (ベル beru?). He is sent to use his heavy breathing from his workout to fill the air with carbon dioxide. Though strong, Dumbbell Banki's forearms are so heavy that he cannot lift them up himself, and relies on two Ugatz named Ugatz L and Ugatz R to lift his arms for him via remote control. But without them, Dumbbell Banki can fire the Super Dumbell Missile frim his chest as both a defense and an offense. He is scrapped by the teamwork of Seiku-Oh and the Go-Roader.

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