Dyna Banki


Shadow, Eustuce, Mikoto


Kettei Banki, Sōsuke Esumi/Go-on Red, Akina Miyazawa


Defeated (not only destroyed in movie), Destroyed by Kettei


Destroying city


Go-On Wing
Kettei Banki


Yogoshimacritien's powers

First Appearance

Go-onger: Kettei Banki Adventure

Last Appearance

Grand Prix S2 43

Dyna Banki is replicate Barbaric Machine Beast of Horonderthal and Yogoshimacritien's parts. He was a antagonist in the movie. He was destroyed by Banki Formation 12, but he was defeated and scraped into the sea. Until he return to back Yogoshimacritien's body parts and merged into Dyna Banki who hatres is Kettei Banki, Go-on Red and Akina Miyazawa and defeating Engine Oh G9 and Kettei Banki. He was using his strength to combine previous Barbaric Machine Beast and defeat Kyoretsu oh as well. Kettei Banki formed Yoshijiro Saber to destroy him, but using slash to break them. However, Miyazawa gained formed new weapon MiyaSpear. Kettei mangae transform into Super Kettei Banki and formed Super Kettei SaberSpear and destroy him at once and for all. Is was unknown who created him this only dimension time-spaces was creating Bakki into Dyna Banki.

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