Ebi Origami2
Ebi Origami
Color: gold
Plot: Shinken Gold
Season: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Ebi Origami

Ebi Origami (海老折神, Ebi Origami?): Shinken Gold's lobster Origami created by Genta that transforms into Daikai-Oh and forms most of the body of Daikai Shinken-Oh. It is initially inactive because it does not have enough Mojikara, until the other Shinkengers empower it with their Mojikara, using the character for "active" (活, katsu?). In battle, the Ebi Origami can use its claws to grapple opponents or execute its Futomaki Halo (太巻き光輪, Futomaki Kōrin?) attack. When not in battle, it resides in an aquarium with the Ika Origami on Genta's sushi cart. Genta has nicknamed it Ebizo (エビゾー, Ebizō?).