Engine Bear RV
Engine Bear RV
Color: yellow
Plot: Go-on Yellow
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Engine Bear RV (炎神ベアールV(ブイ), Enjin Beārubui?) is Go-on Yellow's partner, a gutsy hybrid between a bear and an 4WD truck who speaks Kansai-ben and ends her sentences with "Vvvvv Vvvv!" (ブイブイ!, Bui Bui!?). When fully introducing herself, Bear RV says, "The loving and compassionate tough girl! I'm Engine Bear RV" (愛嬌と度胸のタフガール!炎神ベアールVや, Aikyō to dokyō no tafu gāru!! Enjin Beārubui ya?). Her spunky pep is due to her not being a picky eater, eating even enemy aircraft in her Bearr Attack (ベアールアタック, Beāru Atakku?), and her technique is Bearr Press (ベアールプレス, Beāru Puresu?) and V V Missiles (ブイブイミサイル, Bui Bui Misairu?). She previously had romantic feelings for Jetras, though her impression of him as a strong person is ruined due to the Nigorl incident. She forms Engine-Oh's lower body and V-Shield. Bear RV is voiced by Miki Inoue (井上 美紀, Inoue Miki?).

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