Engine Carrigator
Engine Carrigator
Color: orange
Plot: Go-ong Black & Green
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Engine Carrigator (炎神キャリゲーター, Enjin Kyarigētā?) is an orange-colored hybrid of an alligator and a semi-trailer truck with a samurai persona, able to carry two Engines on his back. He ends his sentences with "Geta Gaaaatoor!" (ゲタゲータ!, Geta Gēta!?). When fully introducing himself, Carrigator says, "The giant star! I am Engine Carrigator" (ジャイアントな千両役者!炎神キャリゲーターでござる, Jaianto na senryō yakusha! Enjin Kyarigētā de gozaru?). Being of the powerful and legendary Gian Clan, Carrigator can combine with any Engine without need of a human partner. Though he came on Earth to fight the Gaiark, he teams up with Gunpei and Hant to understand the concept of "partner". His known only flaws are that he takes much more time getting charged than the other Engines, as well as being a voracious eater (in fact, his Engine Soul is slipped into his mouth). He forms the main body and head of GunBir-Oh and the feet of Engine-Oh G6, G9, and G12, as well as the helmet of Engine-Oh G6. Carrigator is voiced by Kyousei Tsukui (津久井 教生, Tsukui Kyōsei?).

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