Engine Gunpherd
Engine Gunpherd
Color: black
Plot: Go-on Black
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Engine Gunpherd (炎神ガンパード, Enjin Ganpādo?) is Go-on Black's partner, a lonewolf hybrid between a German Shepherd and a police car who ends his sentences with "Ganga Gaaaan!" (ガンガガーン!, Ganga Gān!?). When fully introducing himself, Gunpherd says, "The hard emergency dispatch! I'm Engine Gunpherd" (ハードな緊急出動!炎神ガンパードだ, Hādo na kinkyū shutsudō! Enjin Ganpādo da?). Known as a sniper for his cannon nose, the Gunpherd Gun (ガンパードガン, Ganpādo Gan?), Gunpherd pursues enemies in a hot chase with an equally burning sense of justice and precise sense of smell. He was a bit annoyed with Gunpei, chastising him once for having three stray bullets when they scrapped Speaker Banki. He forms a right arm in formations, bestowing them with his sniping abilities or part of Engine-Oh G12's left foot. Gunpherd is voiced by Kenji Hamada (浜田 賢二, Hamada Kenji?).

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