Engine K-line
Engine K-line
Color: aqua
Plot: Go-on Red
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Engine K-line (炎神ケライン, Enjin Kerain?) is an aqua hybrid between the Triceratops and the Shinkansen, one of the Ancient Engines whose talent is in charging, breaking through anything with his three horns. The onomatopoeic description of K-line's roars is "Gyao gyao!!" (ギャオギャオー!, Gyao Gyaō!?). When fully introducing himself, his roars are translated as "Going down. Engine of Light, K-line" (下るよ!ひかりの炎神ケライン, Kudaru yo! Hikari"?, no Enjin Kerain). While he forms the back car of the Engines' train formation, K-line also forms the left leg of Kyoretsu-Oh and left arm of Engine-Oh G12.

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