Engine T-line
Engine T-line
Color: white
Plot: Go-on Red
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Engine T-line (炎神ティライン, Enjin Tirain?) is a white hybrid between the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Shinkansen, one of the Ancient Engines who has an intense hatred for the Savage Machine Clans. He is the more primitive of the three. The onomatopoeic description of T-line's roars is "Gao gao!!" (ガオガオー!, Gao Gaō!?). When full introducing himself, his roars are translated as "Going up. Engine of wishes, T-line" (上るぜ!のぞみの炎神ティライン, Noboru ze! Nozomi no Enjin Tirain?). While forming the middle car of their train formation, T-line forms the right leg of Kyoretsu-Oh and right arm of Engine-Oh G12.

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