Go-onger: Kettei Banki Adventure. Kettei Banki go to vacation and he opened the door. The girl was appeared and surprised and Kettei Banki shocked. Keto Banki introduce the girl named Akina Miyazawa and she was going invited tonight. The Banki appeared. The Dyna Banki going attack the town and Keto and Akina begin to battle the Banki, but Akina was helpless and Kettei used Rock Thrower Attack to taken down Dyna. After battle, Kettei and Akina was invited tonight, but Sosuke see them and he fainted. Sosuke greet her and he take some dinner. Shadow, Eustuce and Mikoto looked Dyna Banki and using Banki Gen-Der-Ra-Ter to grew giant form, but Keto defeat so easily. After dinner, Dyna Banki appeared again and the gangs going defeat him. In short minutes, Keto using Banki Shooter with Sosuke and Akina to called Kettei-Kettei BanBan Bang Shoot to defeat Dyna. Shadow used Banki Gen-Der-Ra-Ter to grow size and the engine arrive. Keto called engine shout, Banki Formation 12 to defeat Dyna. After battle, the Go-ongers and Go-on Wings including Engines invited the party and Shadow, Eustuce and Mikoto to invited too, but Shadow, Eustuce and Mikoto was knock away. After the credit, Keto, Sosuke, and Akina see show Samuel used the new Engine called Hisana Formula to defeat K'nuckles and save Eureka in time. When the show ends, Akina wants Sosuke to married accidentually.

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