Grifforzer is a lion-faced, griffin-themed knight who flies with the help of his retractable wings. He is Lamie's husband. Grifforzer was mute until Lamie came along, as he claims that he was saving his voice for her.

Despite his being mute at the start, he is still capable of driving command to his soldiers with his vicious personality and is Geki's frequent rival. He is violent and a brilliant tactician with amazing strength as well, which he is a dangerous opponent nonetheless, being able to outlast and defeat Daizyujin even alone.

Unlike the others, he is much less of a comedy relief like Pleprechuan and he is far more vicious than others.

Unlike most sentai field commanders that died at the hands of the Red Ranger, he was also simply sealed off. While inside of the urn, Lamie gives birth to a son which Bandora adores.