Hades Beastman Incubus Belbireji
Incubus Belbireji
Season: Mahou Sentai Magiranger

The Hades Beastman Incubus Belbireji (インキュバスベルビレジ Meijujin Inkyubasu Berubireji?, 23-24) was a brutal, mean lady-killer. He seems to have once had a romantic relationship with Vancuria which ended very badly. Belbireji had his own pet Hades Beast, Spider, who was also his helper. He could suck the souls out of his victims and transfer them into Spider's body so it could use them as energy for a soul bomb attack. He also seemed to have the ability to vex victims by separating their souls from their bodies and kissing them, as he demonstrated on Urara and Houka, causing them to think Kai and Makito were the Incubus and Spider. He met his end at MagiKing's hands. When Nai & Mea read from the Book of Prophecy, Belbireji was listed as "The Maestro of Corruption, Incubus Belbireji" and then exclaimed that he was scum.

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