Highness Duke Org Ura
Gender: male
Villain Type: Boss
Season: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Actor: Tamotsu Nishiwaki
Ultimate Form Ura
Form Ura

Highness Duke Org Ura (ハイネスデュークオルグ ウラ, Hainesu Dūku Orugu Ura?, 14-30, 47-49): The second Highness Duke to be awakened, in response to Shuten's failure, he was effeminate with a nose-like face and ear-like projections on his back. Obsessed with collecting beautiful items, he is the one who awakens Rouki. He uses a magic mirror to see things at a distance and carries a fan as his weapon. Through Rouki, Ura gains the four Power Animal orbs that Rouki had stolen and uses them to create Chimera Org. However, the Org is beaten by the newly transformed GaoSilver, who also kills Ura. Ura's crown is then used by TsueTsue to become the Highness Duchess Onihime. But Ura regenerates himself from his crown and cultivates the Thousand-Year Evil, making it stronger with each host he creates for it. Soon enough, Ura captures GaoSilver to have him reabsorb the evil power. However after GaoSilver rejects it, Ura is able to absorb it to evolve into a more powerful form, Ultimate Form Ura (ウラ究極体, Ura Kyūkyokutai?, 30-31), which was his actual plan from the beginning. With his new power, Ura kills the Gaorangers with only Kakeru and Shirogane the sole survivors of the first attack. The two Gaorangers try to fight Ura on their own until the others provide GaoRed with the Falcon Summoner and GaoFalcon as GaoGod revives them to aid in forming GaoIcarus, engaging in a dogfight before purging his body of the Thousand-Year Evil with Icarus Dynamite. Restored to normal, Ura is wounded by GaoSilver who destroys his crown and Ura is killed by the Gaorangers' Hyakuujuuken. Ura was later resurrected, fighting GaoSilver and GaoWhite in a vain attempt to protect the green idol in the forest that powers the barrier protecting the Matrix. Though he was killed, TsueTsue uses the Org Heart to fuse him with the others to create Senki. ura is voiced by Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保, Nishiwaki Tamotsu?).