Hikigane Banki
Hikigane Banki
Episode: 1592
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Hikigane Banki (ヒキガネバンキ Hikigane Banki?, 13, movie): A trigger (引き金 hikigane?) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast under Kegalesia, ranked as Gaiark's top sniper and says "Gane" in his sentences. He was sent to take Būkorin back to Gego, whom he called "Boss" (兄貴 Aniki?) for stopping his attack without trouble. Using his various attacks, like "Water Magnum", Hikigane Banki overpowers the Go-ongers until Renn arrives to even the odds. He is scrapped by Engine-Oh G6 and he regrets that he will not see the Chunichi Dragons' win one last time.

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