Season: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Hyakuyappa (ヒャクヤッパ, Hyakuyappa?, 18): Hyakuyappa is an dangerous Ayakashi master of 100 blades, armed with the Muradachi Senjintō (群立千刃刀?, Standing Thousand-Blades Sword) and able to use the bladed projections on his body as tendrils. His attacks include Full-Body Blades (全身刃, Zenshin Yaiba?) and Shuriken Turbulence Shot (手裏剣乱れ撃ち, Shuriken Midareuchi?). He goes to fight the Shinkengers to avenge Isagitsune, nearly killing the five before he falls back into the Sanzu River. By the time he resumes his campaign of vengeance, the Shinkengers have Shinken Gold by their side. He is destroyed by a Fiery Dance/Hundred Fillets combo, Hyakuyappa battled Shinken-Oh upon being revived before Shinken Gold arrives in the Ika Origami to form Ika Shinken-Oh who freezes the Ayakashi before finishing him off with Squid Flash. His appearance and weapons are the basis of the Amikiri (網切?) of Japanese myth.

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