Majo Bandora

Majo Bandora

Witch Bandora is an evil witch who was queen of the Fairy Tribe, until her son Kai was inadvertently killed by a Tyrannosaurus. Torn by grief, she went mad and sold her soul to Great Satan for the power to avenge her son and slaughtered the dinosaurs.

She has seemingly unlimited magical abilities, including enlarging Grifforzer, Lamie, and her Dora Monsters, and she serves as the arch-nemesis of the Zyurangers. She hates children as of the current day when she completely forgot about her son Kai as there is a kind of forgetfulness that came with the madness. Because of that, she simply focused on attacking innocent children and using them as her victims and simply focused on her aims for world domination.

She occasionally sings her theme song, Dora! The Song of Witch Bandora, which was first sung after Burai first appeared. She has a bad habit of getting extremely furious when defeated in a hilarious manner and gets headaches at times, only to be comforted by her fellow warriors like Grifforzer. She is also known to do crazy things like go on a crash diet as well as sometimes fire her powers at her followers when they fail her, which is quite stereotypical for sentai arch-enemies, in her case as the arch-enemy of the Zyurangers.

Ironically, Bandora loses her powers after shedding tears over Kai's second death, as a witch only loses her power upon crying. Powerless, Bandora was sealed away once more by Daizyujin along with her henchmen. During the last time we see her, she is overwhelmed by the cuteness of Grifforzer and Lamie's son and cradles him around.
Unlike most evil queens that usually died in Sentai, she was simply sealed off after her last defeat and had a funny side too.
Bandora's Song01:28

Bandora's Song

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