In Mahou Sentai Magiranger, Branken and Meemy call upon a large assortment of creatures to fight the Magirangers.

Hades BeastsEdit

The Underground Hades Beasts (冥獣 Meijū?) are the first wave of monsters that fight the Magirangers, send by Branken to kill humans in hopes that one of their victims is Lunagel, whose death would open the gate. The first three were naturally giant, but the rest were human-sized when first depicted. When these human-sized Hades Beasts are killed, Wolzard used a spell that resurrects the monsters and makes them grow. They emerged onto the surface through a Madou Circle.

Hades BeastmenEdit

The Hades Beastmen (冥獣人 Meijūjin?) were originally humans in life who sold their souls to N Ma, and were more powerful and intelligent than ordinary Hades Beasts. They had been sealed away by Blagel but were set free by Meemy, bond to serve him as commanded by the Dark Contract to sacrifice many humans so that N Ma could be revived. While most were enlarged by Meemy, Peewee and Bullrates were enlarged by Vancuria using the WolzaPhones.


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