Season: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Nakinakite (ナキナキテ, Nakinakite?, 13): Nakinakite is an Ayakashi armed with the Niekane Jigokukon (沸鉄地獄棍?, Seething Iron Hellish Cane), he is sent to deploy his Shiro-Oniko (白鬼子, Shirooniko?, "White Oni Child") to take over a child's place, placing the original in a state of sadness. Nakinakite can also create the deadly infantile Aka-Oniko (赤鬼子, Akaoniko?, "Red Oni Child") that latch onto his opponents and slowly increase in weight over time if unhappy, eventually crushing his opponents. Nakinakite is destroyed by Shinken Yellow and Shinken Pink, and then destroyed by Shinken-Oh after he was being weighed down by DaiTenku. He and his Akaoniko are the basis of the Konaki-jijī (子泣き爺?) of Japanese myth.

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