Phantom Spy Vancuria
Gender: female
Villain Type: General
Season: Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Actor: Misa Watanabe

Phantom Spy Vancuria (妖幻密使バンキュリア Yōgen Misshi Bankyuria?): Infershia's spy, she is Queen of the Vampires adversely unaffected by sunlight and virtually unkillable. However, though she was immortal, her existence was a lonely one and overtime developed an ability to split herself up into the Nightmare Sisters as a remedy for it. As a result of her "special body", Vancuria was not constrained by the seal that kept the rest of Infershia underground and thus served as an overseer of her masters' plans. She had a bit of a crush on both Branken (Until then he tried to kill her for her failure) and Meemy (though she couldn't stand him at first). Vancuria also had some admiration for Wolzard as he helps her sometimes such increasing her abilities while pursuing Lunagel.

She awakened the Hades Gods when she discovered their lair, a hummingbird in size when compared to the Gods in their true size. She was kept alive by the Hades Gods so that she could serve them as a spy. After hearing Sphinx attempting to reason with Dagon and Sleipnir, Vancuria began to have second thoughts about N Ma. As a result, she went against N Ma's wishes by reviving Sphinx as well as those N Ma had killed. In the end, she joined Sphinx in the "new Infershia".

Due to her having immortality and unable to die, Vancuria has the power to revive those from the dead.

In Magiranger, she is the mother of Houka. However, Samuel say she not her mother, but she bite his neck.