Samurai Doll Org
Samurai Doll Org
Episode: 1241
Season: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Samurai Doll Org (武者人形オルグ Mushuningyō Orugu?, 11): As a result of Shuten transferring the Dukes' powers into a samurai doll, SamuraiDoll Org is stronger than previous Orgs with a knowledge in the fighting arts, using his Orgken katana for his "Full Moon Cut" attack and a pistol. The Gaorangers were overpowered by him, but GaoWhite refused to give up and defeats Samurai Doll Org with her Byakko Cross Cut before the team kills him with Hyakuujuuken. But TsueTsue revives the Org, who overpowers GaoMuscle until GaoTiger intervenes, with GaoMuscle defeating Samurai Doll Org as he came to respect the Gaorangers as true warriors.

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