Shower Banki
Shower Banki
Episode: 1617
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Shower Banki (シャワーバンキ Shawā Banki?, 38): A shower (シャワー shawā?) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast who ends her sentences with "Shower". Shower Banki is by Kegalesia with a special liquid to cover the city in acid rain. However, the liquid's formulation was not acidic and had an unforeseen side effect that freezes any male exposed to it within 30 minutes. Once aware of this, Kegalesia gives Shower Banki Super Ultra Gorgeous Acid Rain and sends her to eliminate the male Go-ongers. However, Saki, Miu, and Bearrv managed to outwit and beat her. But by the time Shower Banki Industrial Revolutionizes, the male Go-ongers arrive in their Engines with GunBir-Oh Jetras and Seiku-Oh Gunpherd scrapping her.

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