Solitary Confinement Hades Beast
Season: Mahou Sentai Magiranger

The second strongest Solitary Confinement Hades Beast to go after the "Key", Ghoul (グール Gūru 13-14?) was a hyena-like beast with spikes on its back and metal boxing gloves. Wolzard acknowledged the monster as a warrior, for its Snake Punch where it extended its arms to strike enemies from a great distance, and its finishing move is the Megaton Punch where Ghoul assaults his opponent with immense strength. While strong, its weak point was its stomach as MagiYellow realized before he and Ghoul injured each other and withdraw to continue the fight at a later time. Branken sought to strengthen Ghoul by striking its stomach ten-thousand times with Ogre's club, in order to give it Ogre's power and ferocity as well as ensure his stomach is no longer a weak point. Ghoul died at the hands of Kai using the new MagiPunch gloves, using them to fatally K'O Ghoul with a super flaming punch. When Nai & Mea were reading from the Book of Prophecy, Ghoul was listed as "Ghoul with the Giant arms".

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