StarBeasts was the creation creatures who lives on own planet called Star Galaxy Planet created by Samuel. They are all types of creatures if they created such as Fire, Water, Thunder, Wind and Nature.

SteelBeast AbilitiesEdit

StarBeasts used transformation into SteelBeasts onto battle. The Gingaman put the Ging Changer to transform StarBeast into SteelBeast.

Mega SteelSharkEdit

After event of Megaranger, Mega Sharkship was evolved into SteelBeast and King Julien renamed it Mega SteelShark. It traveled to the earth and finds the parts to make GigaBeasts.


They similarite of Steelbeasts, but different mutation animals and machine. The Gigabeasts was carried by SteelShark then travel into King Julien's creation planet Giga Steel Planet counterpart of Star Galaxy Planet.

List of the StarBeastsEdit

  • GingaLizard (hybrid of magma body and lizard, main five StarBeast)
  • Gingalcarus (former StarBeast, later the main five GigaBeast)
  • Ginglcara (main five StarBeast)
  • Gingatank (main five StarBeast)
  • Gingawheel (main five StarBeast)
  • Gingras (main five StarBeast)

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