Steam Engine Org
Steam Engine Org
Episode: 1277
Season: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Steam Engine Org (蒸気機関オルグ Jōkikikan Orugu?, 47): An Org that was created near a train station at Sakitomo and was the strongest Org, overpowering the Gaorangers as he withstood their attacks without breaking a sweat. At the last second, Yabaiba attacks Steam Engine Org and holds him for the Hyakujuuken to kill him. Getting the energy he needed, Yabaiba revives Steam Engine Org who wanted to kill him when the Power Animals arrive to fight. But like before, Steam Engine Org proves too powerful and cripples most of the Power Animals in the process. The remaining Powers Animals combine into GaoIcarus Another Foot & Arm, who succeed in killing Steam Engine Org with Icarus Breaker.

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