Straw Banki
Straw Banki
Episode: 1609
Season: Engine Sentai Go-onger

Straw Banki (ストローバンキ Sutorō Banki?, 30): A drinking straw (ストロー sutorō?) Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with "buku". Other than using his Straw Scatter Shot to make people breathe out poison gases, his power depends on any of four bottles he drinks to gain a special ability. His Explosive Drink, in a yellow bottle, allows him to shoot soap bubbles that explode on impact, his Smokescreen Drink, in a purple bottle, releases a smoke screen, and his Capsule Drink, blue bottle, creates a bubble prison. However, with the red Gai Aqua, a special power-up drink created by Kegalesia, Straw Banki's abilities and evil increase. Though he loses the Gai Aqua in his initial attack, Kegalesia creates a supply of it for her monster to use when he overwhelms the team without Go-on Red. But once the Go-on Mach Team arrives, Straw Banki is defeated by the duo before Industrial Revolutionizing and scrapped by Bearrv, Bus-on, Seiku-Oh, and GunBir-Oh.

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