Ultimate Org (actually named Gao Org) is the main protagonist and partner Samuel who creating Org Orbs. In the past, Ultimate Org is battling Demonican First Form and defeat him. In the present, the Ultimate Org was say good-bye from his death.

Gao OrgEdit

In the Tokyo, Samuel create the Baron Orgs, but just ten Org Orbs then turned into by his accident. He creating the hybrid Org instead and name him Gao Org. He go on adventure and place called Turtle Rock. He going first fight with the Power Animals. In episode 3, Gao Org need becomes stronger version and using one red orb to make GaoBurn Org. In episode 12, Gao Org was too weak and Tetomu say he needs Gao Soul so he makes Gao Evolve into Super Gao Org. However, Gao Soul only power off after the battle. The Gao Org was basic form and combination of ten Orgs.

Super VersionEdit

Before battle first highness, Gao Org using Gao Soul powers and create super version of Gao Org. The Super Org was a first evolved form and fusion of Gao Org and Gao Soul.

Hyper VersionEdit

After defeat Pot Org, Piyo grant Gao Org then evolve into hyper version of Gao Org. The Hyper Org is the second evolved form and fusion of Gao Org and Soul Bird's feather.

Ultra VersionEdit

Before battling Mandy, the strange melody song and four blue Org Orbs to evolve into ultra version of Gao Org. The Ultra Gao Org is the third evolved form and fusion of Gao Org and the melody wings song.

Ultimate VersionEdit

After he killed by Demonicanon, but he still six Org orbs and drop the fountain. He turned back into Gao Org again, but the strange melody and give the power of Ultimate Orb and 100 orbs to evolve into new Ultmate Org.


  • Burn Form Burn Soul!
  • Thunder Form Thunder Soul!
  • Wood Form Wood Soul!
  • Wind Form Wind Soul!
  • Pirate Form Pirate Soul!
  • Ice Form Ice Soul!
  • Light Form Light Soul!

Legendary FormsEdit

  • Flare Power Cross Burn!
  • Electro Power Cross Thunder!
  • Tree Power Cross Wood!
  • Tornado Power Cross Wind!
  • Treasure Power Cross Pirate!
  • Freeze Power Cross Ice!
  • Solar Power Cross Light!

Movie FormsEdit

  • Soul Form Soul Bird Drive!
  • Blast Form Chō Soul!
  • Roar Form Roar Soul!

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