Ultra Hades Beast Living Sword
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Season: Mahou Sentai Magiranger

The Ultra Hades Beast Living Sword (Urutorameijū Ribingu Sōdo) was Hades Beastman Beserker King Glúm do Bridon's metallic servant that is actually an animated sword. A Godzilla-like beast whose body is composed of many metallic spikes and blades and whose roar sounds like both that of Gigan and Megalon. He fought and defeated MagiKing, and aided in King Glúm do Bridon's kidnapping of Yuka Yamazaki. He consumed his master in order to become Sword of Glúm, only to be killed by SaintKaiser.

In Magiranger: Drake Vs. Evil Heavenly God, the new another legendary Magi General. It actually lost Power Animal which name Gao Sword after Samuel see the glowing eye. It can formed with Drake and Rukia into Gao Drakia to destroy Sword Berserker.