Season: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Ushirobushi (ウシロブシ, Ushirobushi?, 11-12): Ushirobushi is the most feared among the Ayakashi, armed with the Onikōbe Sekkeitō (鬼首楔形刀?, Oni's Head Wedge Sword) that he uses in his Onigatana Nidangiri (鬼刀二段斬り?, Onigatana Two-Step Slash) attack. He is sent by Shitari to kill Shinken Red, but Jyuzo's interence forces him to fall back when he starts to dry up. Ushirobushi later resumes his task, only to be destroyed by the Tora Five Rings Bullet and finally destroyed by Tenku Shinken-Oh. His upper body, which resembles an angry beast, is the basis of the Otoroshi (おとろし?) of Japanese myth.

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