Vacuum Cleaner Org
Vacuum Cleaner Org
Episode: 1245
Season: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Vacuum Cleaner Org (掃除機オルグ Sōjiki Orugu?, 15): He was recruited by TsueTsue and Yabaiba to suck in lovely things they wanted to give to Ura. The Gaorangers intercept them at Sadogashima, but the Orgs were too busy with their gold to actually fight. But by the time the Gaorangers find them at the Fine Arts Museum, the Vacuum Cleaner Org was forced to fight with his various attachment-weapons before being killed by Hyakujuuken. TsueTsue revives Cleaner Org, only for him to be destroyed by GaoKing Sword & Shield.

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